Goodbye banks, hello BNB Bank.

The World’s first BNB Bank is here! BNB Bank is aiming to usher in a new form of trading, by making it less like trading and more like banking. Members receive a share of the huge 14% BNB rewards on both buys AND sells. BNB Bank is developing ways to teach new users to trade on decentralised exchanges and bring in a new wave of investors. Exciting NFTs are also incoming.

C/A: 0xD2E59584B4EcD863f8EfD008E4029D968fFaD26c


14% Buy Tax

8% BNB Rewards, 3% Auto-LP,
3% Marketing & Giveaways

22% Sell Tax

14% BNB Rewards, 4% Auto-LP,
4% Marketing & Giveaways


Anti-whale mechanism to reduce sells of more than 0.1% of the total supply.

We’ll Show You How We Do Crypto

Here at BNB Bank we are removing the veil, and exposing traditional banks for what
they really are. Our philosophy is simple, put the same amount here and in your
account at the same time, and see how the interest compares. Add to this a solid
foundation of like minded investors, and join a genuine community striving to share
as much knowledge, wisdom and wealth with each other to help the people stand alone
from the highly corrupt banking system.